Dental Revenue Group, Inc.

Dental Revenue Group is a best in class revenue cycle management company. We are multi-specialty revenue cycle consultants with the expertise of handling independent and group Dental practices.
We are specialized in managing the complex processes associated with revenue and reimbursements in the dental industry. Our revenue cycle solutions are designed to resolve the barrier in your cash flow while streamlining the entire process. We are practice growth experts, providing a comprehensive approach to increasing revenue by aligning revenue cycle management services with practice management. Without overwhelming your staff, our wide array of transformational services allows the Dental Revenue Group to stay up to date with best practices and compliance. We equip you with strategic business planning to bring financial stability to your practice.

A Services Only DSO

Founded in 2015, Dental Revenue Group, Inc. (DRG) is the premier services-only Dental Service Organization (DSO) trusted by independent dental practices to maximize profitability and reduce expenses. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of services that has allowed our clients to continue as successful independent practice owners.
DRG’s innovative products and services simplify and manage the administrative aspect of your practice so that practice owners can continue providing quality patient care. Our best-in-class track record provides clients with in-depth knowledge of technology and skills necessary to ensure their practice runs productively and efficiently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help visionary, independent dental practices position themselves for long term success while focusing on increasing revenue and cost containment. In order to minimize overhead costs and clinical resources, DRG offer non-clinical services and operational support to its clients.
We operate with transparency and integrity through significant innovative services and the highest standards for proven methods that are the hallmarks of dental industry.

Our Values

Our values are instilled in every aspect of our business. DRG’s Solutions are transactional services designed to lighten the administrative load shouldered by modern dental offices.
As a services-only DSO, DRG has helped hundreds of Independent Dental Practices to be better positioned against traditional DSO’s by streamlining non-clinical services and administrative burden without overwhelming their staff.

Dental Billing Audit

The purpose of audit is to present a bird’s eye view to the dentists, as to where a practice stands as far as revenue cycle management is concerned. Audit entails a thorough analysis of the practice to identify the gaps in the overall billing process, find problematic areas, deficiencies in charge pathways, issues in accounts receivable and coding errors.

Revenue Cycle Management

Dental Revenue Group a full-service revenue cycle management firm that provides an array of transformational services. Our dedicated billing managers work closely with providers to ensure the highest level of transparency. Our innovative QA measures are designed to ensure maximum revenue for your practice, providing you peace of mind.

Practice Management

Combining our Dental Cycle Management expertise with our skilled accounting, financial tax planning, vendor management and marketing expertise, Dental Revenue Group provides your practice with all of the necessary resources to stay independent and succeed. We support independent dental practices to maximize profitability and reduce expenses.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Managing a group of 20 dental practices has never been easy; it required a lot of time and resources to streamline constant cash flow to meet the requirements of the individual practices. Ever since we started using DRG’s services, our collections have gone up 25%. They have streamlined our billing and collection process to the point where there are very few rejection of claims by insurance companies. Their continuous attention to detail ensures that proper co-pays are being collected from patients at the time of service and the over 90 day past due column in our AR aging report has all but disappeared. I highly recommend DRG services to all dental practices.

Dr. Reem Shafi, DMD Two Rivers Dental