Transform Your Revenue Cycle to Meet Industry Demands

Regardless of the size and patient volume, individual and group dental practices are always under pressure to improve quality of care while also facing declining reimbursement, increased risk, and margin pressure. For dental practices, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving cash flow are paramount to achieving practice goals.

We are a complete dental billing service eliminating your dental billing problems. Our team will take your accounts receivable and move it right into your bank account! The fact is that your team might be wonderful and skilled, but they don’t have time to chase insurances and patients for payments.

You work hard to balance your professional demands of business. It is not an easy task to ensure that your practice delivers quality patient care, higher productivity, and increased cash flow, all while trying to comply with ever-changing regulations and payer guidelines.

With DRG Inc. we keep your net collections high & accounts receivable as low as expected. Our complete practice management and dental billing solution eliminates all charge entry, claim submission, payment posting and follow-up, and much more. These are the following services we provide to make any practice the most successful.

The medical community has been using outsourced medical billing companies for years. Now, it’s available for Dentists as well. Dental Revenue Group Inc. is a full spectrum Revenue Cycle Firm helping dentists navigate the challenging and ever changing Dental Care Reimbursement & Compliance environment. Our comprehensive range of services cover every aspect of your dental practice.

Benefits Verification

More then 40% Claims are denied due to improper Eligibility/Breakdown of Benefits (BOB) Verification. Our comprehensive BOB verification helps dental practices understand each patient’s  policy coverage prior to treatment.

  • Provider In-network Status
  • Plan Coverage Status
  • Verification of Deductible and Maximum
  • Coordination of Benefits, Waiting Periods of Procedures and Missing Tooth Clauses
  • Benefits Details (Frequencies & Coverage Percentages per procedure)
  • Billing Guidelines per Procedure
  • Dental History of Patient

Claim Submission

Dental Practitioners lose a huge amount of reimbursements annually because of underpaid, unpaid, or delayed insurance claims caused by incomplete submissions and failures to meet insurance guidelines. We ensure claim submission guidelines are met and believe in clean claim submission to speed up revenue generation.

  • Timely filling of claims within 48 hours after the procedure is performed
  • Adherence of Policy Benefits and Verification guidelines
  • Minimize the risk of Denials due to improper ADA Codes
  • Run Internal Audit to eliminate coding errors
  • Submission with the required documentation
  • Fee Schedule Compliance
  • Dental History of Patient

Account Receivable Follow-ups

A healthy dental practice is required to use a highly-effective cash accelerating and revenue enhancement plan, which focuses on enabling faster cash flows by ensuring timely claims submission turnaround, identifying unpaid insurance claims and getting them approved.

  • Follow up by calling insurance companies after 15-20 days of claim submissions.
  • Delinquent claims management.
  • Verification of any missing information required.
  • Fix and re-submit the if any claim is denied. (Denial Management)
  • Verification of payment transactions

Credentialing and Recredentialing

Dental credentialing isn’t as easy as it appears to be. the ever-changing requirements of credentialing a practice is becoming complex and time consuming. Unnecessary delays and lost revenues are certain if the credentialing process is not seen diligently.

  • Provider Enrollment and Network Participation
  • Provider Credentialing and Network Participation Verification
  • Status Confirmations and Re-Credentialing
  • Network Benefits Verification
  • Medicare enrollment and re-validation
  • EDI, ERA Setup and EFT Setup
  • Adding additional providers to a current practice