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Full Revenue Cycle Management Firm For Dentists and DSOS


We submit claims timely, ensuring faster payments and stable collections.

Professional Discretion

DRG is HIPAA compliant, and upholds the highest standards of privacy and data protection.

Accounts Receivable

We actively work your A/R and follow-up on all outstanding claims, including primary and secondary payors.


Our comprehensive services allow practices to gain the independence needed to focus on patient care.


We have your back! Grow your practice with comfort, while we focus on making sure you collect what you produce.


Billing staff turnover is costly and impacts your collections, don’t be put into that position again.

Where is your revenue? A bird’s eye view for you to know where a practice stands as far as accounts receivable and insurance claim status. Audit entails a through analysis of the practice to identify the gaps in the overall billing process. We identify problematic areas, deficiencies in processes and issues in accounts receivable or coding errors.

Optimize Your Dental Practice's Efficiency

DRG Streamlines Your Dental Billing

Dental billing can be an extremely complicated process that requires experience and efficiency for optimal collections. It requires constant effort to improve cash flow, without compromising the clinical side of  the practice. By using your complete dental management cycle billing services, you can have ample time to concentrate on patient care.

What Our Clients Say

Managing a group of 20 dental practices has never been easy; it required a lot of time and resources to streamline constant cash flow to meet the requirements of the individual practices. Ever since we have started using DRG's services, our collections have gone up 25%. They have streamlined our billing and collection process to the point where there are very few rejection of claims by insurance companies. Their continuous attention to detail ensures that proper co-pays are being collected from patients at the time of service and the over 90 day past due column in our AR aging report has all but disappeared. I highly recommend DRG services to all dental practices.
Dr. Reem Shafi