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Breakdown of Benefits (BOB)

Dental Insurance Breakdown of Benefits (BOB) is highly important as it breaks down the eligibility of any services or dental treatments you have provided to patients. Fundamentally, it is a printable electronic document given by the dental insurance company to the patient and enables a Dental practice to evaluate whether the dental care costs are covered by the patient’s insurance package. As a result, Dental practices can easily navigate through dental billing with minimum risks.

Through the BOB, you can easily judge how much a patient owes you and bill the patient for the services provided. It is also easy for the patients to predict the overall cost of treatment and whether or not the services are covered by the dental plan. Therefore, it is important for dental practices to understand the intricacies involved in the BOB to avoid any errors in the billing process. To summarize, dental insurance breakdown of benefits provides essential information that includes treatments performed, dental fees, co-pays, insurance payments, deductibles, or procedures that are not covered under your plan.

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Importance of Breakdown of Benefits (BOB) for Revenue Cycle Management?

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According to reliable estimates, almost 60-70% of claim denials occur due to problems in eligibility verification. This shows us that the dental insurance breakdown of benefits is probably the most important part of revenue cycle management and needs to be done with utmost care and accuracy. In case of a minor error in the breakdown of benefits, a claim can be denied and negatively impact the revenue collection of practice. 

We realize this as a professional responsibility to ensure that dentists are paid on time and their dental practice has a smooth workflow. Therefore, our team of revenue cycle experts is specially trained to ensure maximum accuracy while breaking down the benefits and eligibility verification for the best possible results.

Why Outsource Eligibility Verification to DRG?

The breakdown of benefits and eligibility verification requires extensive research and thought to perform accurately. Dentists are usually so busy with their dental practice that they cannot perform this efficiently while also impacting their bottom line. Most dentists require extra resources for this purpose, and they end up wasting time and money on ineffective systems. This is why outsourcing your eligibility verification is the best decision in your entire dental practice. 

On the other hand, outsourcing Eligibility verification can be quite tricky for an average dental practice because several dental billing companies are available for the job. Nevertheless, many dental practices have complained about their inefficiency and ineffectiveness in many respects. This is why you must choose a dental billing company specializing in eligibility verification and breakdown of benefits for dental practices. To fulfill this requirement, DRG has some of the most specialized dental billers available for the job. 

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Dental Revenue Group provides Dental Practices with Cost-effective Benefits Breakdown for High Revenue and low Account Receivable.

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HIPAA-Compliance Revenue Cycle Management

Eligibility Verification can be considered an important part of revenue cycle management and patient data is always required comprehensively. This is why you should choose a dental billing company that provides you with HIPAA-compliant eligibility verification and a dental insurance breakdown of benefits. You can easily protect your private health information through secure revenue cycle management services and ensure adherence to HIPAA-compliant standards.

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