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Dental Revenue Group is established specifically to ensure a stress-free revenue cycle management system for Dental practices. 

Breakdown of Benefits (BOB)

Breakdown of Benefits (BOB) is highly important as it breaks down any services or dental treatments that you have provided to patients. Fundamentally, it is a printable electronic document that is given by the dental insurance company to the patient, and enables a Dental practice to evaluate whether the dental care costs are covered by the insurance plan of the patient or not. As a result, Dental practices can easily navigate through the dental billing with minimum risks.

Through the BOB, you can easily judge how much a patient owes you and you can easily bill the patient for the services provided. It is also easy for the patients to predict the overall cost of treatment and whether or not the services are covered by the dental plan. Therefore, it is important for dental practices to understand the intricacies involved in the BOB to avoid any errors in the billing process. To sum it up, BOB provides essential information that includes treatments performed, dental fees, co-pays, insurance payments, deductibles, or procedures that are not covered under your plan.

Dental Billing Services

We realize that your dental practice is continuously growing and evolving. To provide support, here are some of the top customized dental billing solutions for you. 

Dental Insurance Billing

Dental Revenue Group works to manage your Insurance claims, and appeal against denied claims in order to provide you with high revenues at a reasonable cost.

Dental Claim Submission

We believe in prompt dental claim submission for a smooth revenue cycle management that ensures profitability for independent dental practices.

Dental Credentialing

Dental Credentialing is as important as Dental Billing, and this is why our dental billing platform delivers peace of mind with credentialing through proper documentation.

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Dental Revenue Group is a leading Dental Billing Company operating across 50 states with 1000+ Dental billing experts working to assist Dental practices with their revenue collection. We have a 99% claim acceptance rate and we proudly claim to be a true professional billing company, proficient with ICD-10 coding mechanisms. 

Dental Revenue Group works with the intent to make dental practices independent in their domain. For that purpose, we follow a Revenue Cycle Process that starts with benefits breakdown to submitting claim reimbursements. Moreover, our follow-up mechanisms are highly effective and we make sure that your Account Receivables are minimized. 

Dental Revenue Group is a professional dental billing organization that helps in establishing a strong revenue cycle process for dental practices. Such a system is difficult to establish if you’re either billing for yourself or having an in-house billing setup that costs a lot and is difficult to sustain. 

Although both of these billing domains are related to the revenue cycle management of practices; the major difference lies in the nature of coding for medical vs dental billing, along with a difference in the accreditation from different institutions. Moreover, dedicated billing companies such as I-Med Claims cater to medical billing while dental billing is handled by specialized dental billing companies such as Dental Revenue Group.

Dentists do bill CPT codes because medical plans do not pay for claimed payments for CDT treatments and therefore the CPT coding has to be used in a manner that describes the kind of treatment that was offered. 

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