Why Choose DRG for Breakdown of Benefits and Eligibility Verification?

Breakdown of Benefits and Eligibility Verification

Understanding your breakdown of benefits and eligibility verification can be a daunting task when it comes to healthcare. With so many different plans and coverage options available, it can be difficult to know what you’re entitled to and what your responsibilities are. That’s where DRG comes in. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping […]

7 Dental Billing Solutions To Overcome Dental Teams Challenges

dental billing solutions

Dental practices often encounter difficulties in managing dental billing, which can become daunting. Expecting a dental office manager to handle treatment plans and account receivables can be overwhelming. However, it is possible to overcome these demanding tasks. As you delve into options for dental billing solutions for your practice, you come across outsourced dental billing, […]

Addressing Dental Collection Challenges Amid Healthcare Staffing Shortage

Healthcare Staffing Shortage

In today’s economic climate, the dental industry is grappling with a healthcare staffing shortage, causing a significant impact on revenue. Furthermore, the healthcare staffing shortage exacerbates the dental patient cancellation rate, further impeding revenue generation. Insufficient staff resources hinder promptly addressing dental patient cancellations, leading to potential revenue loss. By optimizing these systems, dental teams […]

6 Strategies to Supercharge Your Dental Practice Revenue Cycle Management

dental revenue cycle management

Dental revenue cycle management goes beyond simply handling dental billing and coding. As your practice grows, setting up an efficient RCM process is more important than ever. It delves deeper into optimizing workflow processes to achieve revenue goals. It also focuses on identifying and promptly addressing points where revenue leakage occurs. A well-functioning revenue cycle […]

How Does Outsourcing Dental Billing Impact the Collection of Your Payments?

Outsourcing Dental Billing

Dental practices need a robust billing and coding strategy that accounts for the unique challenges of billing to ensure consistent cash flow. Outsourcing dental billing services can be a wise investment with a high return on investment. Recent research indicates that many dental practices experienced increased collection percentages during the COVID-19 pandemic by outsourcing their […]

How to Avoid Dental Billing Confusion and Simplify Your Payment Process

dental billing confusion

Dental billing presents unique challenges due to its complex nature, including varying medical procedures, treatment intensity, and pre/post-procedure time involvement. It involves a separate set of codes known as “Current Dental Terminology (CDT),” making the billing process more intricate. Additionally, healthcare policies often do not cover dental procedures, requiring skilled and experienced billers and coders […]

Benefits Of Dedicated Credentialing Team for Healthcare Practices


In the healthcare industry, credentialing and privileging are essential to ensure that healthcare providers have the skills and qualifications to provide quality patient care. Credentialing involves assessing an individual’s competency by reviewing their education, training, licensing, and work experience. On the other hand, privileging consists in approving healthcare providers to perform specific procedures based on […]

Detecting Vulnerabilities and Frauds in Dental Billing

Frauds in dental billing

Billing errors are a common issue in dental practices, and they can potentially lead to fraudulent billing and other problems. Detecting vulnerabilities and frauds in dental billing is crucial to protect patients and healthcare systems from the detrimental effects of fraudulent activities. Healthcare fraud is a significant issue that results in financial losses and harms […]

How Dental RCM Errors Can Lead to Revenue Loss and Financial Instability

Dental RCM errors

Dental RCM errors can significantly impact your organization’s revenues and financial stability. These errors refer to dentists’ mistakes while converting paper claims into electronic payments. These errors are either payment delays or payment errors. A lot of dentists report making a variety of dental RCM errors every day. In this guide, we’ll explain what dental […]

Leverage Technology To Streamline Dental Revenue Cycle Management

dental rcm

Dental practices deal with essential but repetitive tasks that can exhaust even the most committed team members. It is advisable to urge such practices to adopt technological solutions to enhance revenue and streamline RCM processes. These tasks, such as record-keeping and customer service, are vital for a thriving business. However, embracing dental technology and software […]

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