Cost-Effective Dental Billing Audits

We at Dental Revenue Group offer dental practices with a cost-effective and comprehensive dental billing audit that improves your revenue cycle management and overall collection rates.

Dental Billing Audit

To optimize revenue and minimize compliance risks, a dental practice needs proper Dental Billing Audits. However, such audits require expertise and are generally quite time-consuming as well. This is why we’ve set up a Dental Billing Audit team at Dental Revenue Group to provide dental practices with a clear-cut audit of their compliance and risk associated with their practice. We have helped numerous practices improve their revenue with minimal risks or potential for damage. 

dental billing audit

Detecting Vulnerabilities and Frauds

The primary goal of a dental billing audit is to check whether a dental practice is completely compliant with all billing standards and to check for any fraud. This may seem offensive, but compliance is necessary regarding dental practices under the “Understanding dental plan audit authority.” 

This is why it is important for dental practices to have a dental practice audit that enables them to see the bigger picture regarding their overall dental practice performance. It is an effective tool that allows for a detailed examination of all the documents, licenses, billing procedures, and other sections of the dental practice’s financial performance.  

Avail our Dental Billing Audits for the Best Results at Highly Affordable Rates

our audits start at $1,000

Dental Coding Audits by Dental Revenue Group

dental billing audit

To optimize revenue and decrease all compliance risks, it is important for dental practices to ensure accuracy in their dental billing coding. This accuracy can only be ensured if a practice eradicates all loopholes or mistakes in the dental coding used to file claim reimbursements. It provides such practices with a major advantage in revenue collection as the account receivables decrease drastically to elevate the firm’s financial performance. 

Therefore, Dental Revenue Group offers dental practices a comprehensive audit of their dental practice. We ensure that your dental practice is fully-compliant with all state laws and other bylaws to keep you safe from the threat of any possible litigation. Our dental practice auditing team is highly trained and well-versed in all requirements needed to conduct an effective dental coding audit of your practice.

The Trusted Dental Auditing Firm in the United States

Dental practice audits typically involve sensitive information that requires privacy and security to be guaranteed. This is why dental practices prefer to get their dental practice audits carried out by trusted dental billing companies in the United States. For instance, if you’re operating a dental practice in Illinois, you will search for the trusted dental billing company in Illinois to get your dental insurance audit done. 

Dental Revenue Group now offers dental practices with trusted dental billing and auditing services. Our systems are completely transparent, and we constantly communicate with our client practices for effective results. As a consequence, our success rates are highly lucrative for dental practices, and we are proud to service multiple specialties within dental practices across the United States.

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HIPAA-Compliant Dental Auditing Services by DRG

Another major aspect regarding our Dental Insurance Audits is that we are a fully HIPAA-compliant dental billing company that caters to all HIPAA standards. Our dental billing audits are highly secure and free from any malignant action. As a result, you can be completely satisfied while outsourcing your dental insurance auditing to Dental Revenue Group, as we will protect all Protected Health Information [PHI]. 

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