grow dental practice by engaging patients

How to Grow Your Dental Practice by Engaging Patients?

Dental Practices across the United States have found it difficult to grow and establish themselves, primarily due to the complexity of the dental revenue cycle and lack of awareness regarding oral care in the public.

According to the United States Census Bureau, American aged 19 to 34 have the highest uninsured rates in the United States for dental care. This goes to show that the average American does not frequently visit the dentist and this means less business for dentists when they should have more people coming in with their oral care problems.

This is why dental practices have to make sure that they are engaging people in the oral care discussion and genuinely caring for their oral and maxillofacial problems. Once the awareness is spread throughout the country, more patients are likely to care about their problems and visit the dental clinic more often.

Here are some of the most important tips to grow your dental practice in modern times by engaging patients in different ways.

Providing a Personalized Patient Experience

Well, the first and foremost way to grow your dental practice and attract more patients is to provide them with a personalized and connected experience in the context of oral care. This can happen with the help of multiple digital platforms that are at the disposal of dental practices.

For instance, dental practices can create patient dashboards, providing patients with easy access to their dental care priorities. Such dashboards allow patients to chat with representatives and make appointments online in a convenient manner. As a result, the number of patients taking their oral condition seriously is likely to increase and consequently more work and revenue for dental practices.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), “A dental practice’s ability to communicate and talk to patients has a positive impact on their perception of the organization. Therefore, it is important to manage that perception as it is important for providing patients with personalized and quality oral care that truly improves their oral health as well as their overall health and well-being.”

Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management to a Professional Dental Billing Company

The second aspect of the growth of dental practices is related to the financial growth of such organizations. Let’s say the personalized strategy works, and more patients start coming into a dental practice for oral care provision. Well, then how is a dental practice going to manage the influx of a higher rate of insured patients who are to be accurately billed for the services rendered to them?

The answer is to outsource dental billing and revenue cycle management to a professional dental billing company in the United States. In this way, a dental practice can easily focus on the bottom line and provide quality dental care while not having to worry about claim denials or revenue leakages impacting its growth. Therefore, dental practices have to make sure that they collaborate with an RCM and that dental billing services can cater to the heavy influx of patients in the long run.

Make Sure Your Pricing is Transparent

Another important factor when it comes to engaging patients is to make sure that pricing is completely transparent. This means that dental practices can make their negotiations with insurance companies transparent allowing patients to witness the paradigm and change perspectives on the matter of pricing.

The aim should always be to make dental care more affordable, accessible, and conveniently available for patients. As a result, more patients are likely to change their perspectives and engage with dental practices like never before, consequently helping such practices to grow geometrically if not exponentially.

Introducing Payment Options such as Subscriptions

Last, but not least, dental practices can introduce new subscriptions option for patients to make dental care more affordable and consistent. This is a unique payment model that can do wonders for dental practices and allow them to engage promptly with their patients.

Having said that, it is important to understand that the goal of introducing these subscription models is not to replace the traditional insurance model but to only engage patients in the long run. As a result, dental practices can easily reach more patients and grow their dental practice.


To wrap it up, dental practices now have numerous options at their disposal that can help them grow their dental practices and engage more patients. This can be done through the provision of a personalized patient experience, outsourcing revenue cycle management, transparent pricing, and lastly through a subscription-based payment option for patients.

Therefore, dental practices can use these methods to grow their practice and collaborate with professional dental billing companies to place themselves in a financially stable position. Once this stability is established, dental practices can then use other ways to engage more patients and then handle the greater influx of patients as well.

At Dental Revenue Group, we are always here to provide dental practices with cost-effective revenue cycle and billing services at affordable rates. We believe in transparency and collaboration and are willing to provide maximum utility to dental practices operating in the United States. You can contact us anytime and start your dental billing and revenue cycle management journey with Dental Revenue Group and prepare your dental practice for the future.

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