Why Dental Revenue Group

Our greatest satisfaction is helping a client increase their revenue, decrease expenses and bring their AR under control, and we celebrate these successes daily.

Longevity and Proven Track Record

  • We have been around since 2008, servicing clients on financial and strategic planning, accounting, payroll, practice management and billing. Most billing companies and in-house billers do not have this breadth of knowledge in one organization.
  • Full revenue cycle organization including providing credentialing, insurance verification, and breakdown of benefits.


Create Client Specific Standard Operating Procedures

  • These procedures are shared with every member of your management/billing team.
  • Your billing manager continuously updates as needed.


Commitment to Excellence, Process Improvement Internally and Your Practice too

  • No one has the number of critical, quality assurance checks that we have on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If there are any outliers, the billing manager resolves and/or follows up with the dentist’s office manager or billing team as needed.
  • Review daily claims received versus your schedule to confirm that you have not missed sending us any claim. We will remind you until you resolve that discrepancy.
  • Daily claim, rejection and payment posting managerial review.
  • Weekly claim, EOBs/EFTs posting, problem list resolution status, patient statements filed, collections near estimated monthly target.
  • Our executive team including the credentialing team weekly reviews your entire revenue cycle process together.
  • We can provide virtual management as needed and best practices that we see with other practices.
  • We verify insurance prior to filing insurance claims because we believe in clean claim first time submitted with 48 business hours or less (usually 24 hours).
  • Our external auditing team also independently checks revenue cycle to ensure nothing is missed or submitted incorrectly.


Dedicated Team

  • A billing manager will be assigned to your dental office(s) along with a team of expert billers and credentialing specialists.
  • Billing manager and supervisor are watching every aspect of production daily.
  • We will be assigning revenue cycle specialists to process your account. In the event that we discover that your account requires additional staff to process effectively and efficiently, we automatically will increase staffing to your team. This also applies if you open other practices.
  • You do not have to worry about continuity of processing your revenue cycle on a daily basis due to absences, emergencies or resignations. Our team is integrated with your team to cover every aspect of your account.



  • Your assigned billing manager and team have many years of experience working with dental revenue cycle and understands the specific nuances to your specialty including frequency limitations and waiting periods.
  • We have assisted clients across the country that we have assisted for years.
  • We have experience with more practice management and electronic dental software than most dental software such as Dentrix Ascend, Dentrix (all versions) Open Dental, EagleSoft, Pro Business System … to name a few.
  • We know how to check software and settings to make sure everything is accurate and efficient.
  • We can collaborate with Software Support as needed so clients do not need to worry.
  • We have our own trained IT specialists who are able to assist with any of your special needs.



  • We perform insurance credentialing and re-credentialing for both Medicaid and PPO insurances through online credentialing tools like CAQH and other portals.
  • We will set up EFT and assist with any portals required such as Availity, Optum, CAQH Enroll Hub, etc.
  • We can provide Advanced Eligibility Reports including patient balances, co-pay, and deductible information.
  • DRG will perform a yearly fee schedule analysis.
  • We do not leave any aspect of the revenue cycle untouched, not addressed, or not processed.


DRG Revenue Cycle Process




Verify eligibility 48 hour prior to DOSDaily
Send email confirmation to confirm receipt of claims sent by all methods including paper claims.Daily
File all claims: primary, secondary, and tertiaryDaily
Check clearinghouse within 24 hours for rejections.  Follow up on all rejections.Daily
Contact office for insurance or demographic discrepancies via Non-Compliance ReportDaily
Post all insurance payments.Daily
Resubmit fixable claims by collaborating with insurance.As needed
Generate patient statements and share via email or ShareFileAs Needed
Follow up on Insurance ARMonthly
Confirm that all EFTS have been set-up correctly.As needed
Send a collection report, productivity report and AR comparison.As needed
Common reports including: Eligibility and Claim SubmissionDaily
DRG will review patient and insurance refund cases.As Needed
Practice overview reportingMonthly
Face to face Zoom meetings between office and billing teamAs Needed


Leverage our Knowledge, Client and Vendor Networks

  • We will notify you of opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Our billing manager will check that you are not missing opportunities to capture revenue.



  • We provide daily and monthly reporting, so you know exactly what we are doing.
    • Scheduled versus billing
    • Monthly collection report
    • Monthly Dashboard report – year over year and monthly comparison of revenue, collections and AR.
  • You will have daily access to the billing manager.
  • We are available via phone, Zoom and Team Viewer for discussions.
  • DRG director can visit the office as needed to answer questions and review monthly reports.
  • Monthly meeting scheduled with practice owner and manager to address strategic planning, practice growth questions and opportunities for improvement across entire revenue cycle.



  • We provide HIPAA compliant portal to share documents if you prefer rather than email called ShareFile.
  • HIPAA compliant organization. All staff tested yearly.
  • ISO Certified



  • Doctors refer their colleagues to us.
  • Better Business Bureau AAA+ recognized company
  • Our 98% retention rate must mean that we are doing something right for our clients.


Quality Assurance

  • External Quality Assurance team assigned by CEO and Director randomly audit entire practice revenue cycle to ensure within DRG’s standards.
  • Clearinghouse rejection rate is usually under 1%.
  • Driving to zero defects is part of our standards.
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