How To Optimize Dental Practice Collections

dental practice collection

A dental practice’s ability to generate cash flow is inextricably tied to its collections. Collections include payments for services rendered, overdue balances, fees, and taxes owed by patients. Therefore, all dental practices must take steps to maximize their collection rates, even if the methods used by different dental practices to collect payments vary greatly. Strategies […]

Bundling and Downcoding Issues in Dental Billing

bundling and downcoding issues

The practice of coding has been developed to standardize the reporting of dentist services. Dental billing is an efficient and cost-effective method for collecting all the necessary information for payment processing by third-party payers and insurers. In dental billing, there are different issues like bundling as well as down coding. Dental practices must take care […]

Complete Guide To Dental Insurance Verification

dental insurance verification

The dental insurance verification process is one that you should expect as part of your dental billing process, but it’s also something that can help ensure you avoid getting stuck with unexpected bills later on down the line. A dental insurance verification service will help ensure that your office revenue maintains the lights on. Patients […]

5 Ultimate Steps for Dental Billing Services and Insurance

Dental Billing Services and insurance

Dental Billing is fundamentally the act of billing for services provided by dental practices to patients, and we will elaborate on this further in this guide for Dental Billing Services and Insurance. It is done primarily to file for claim reimbursements from insurance providers or patients themselves in case their health benefits are not covered […]

Top KPIs To Monitor Your Dental Practice Performance

KPIs to monitor dental practice performance

Most people prioritize their health. “If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy,” as the saying goes. The same can be said for a dental practice. A robust dental practice will have thriving production and a healthy bottom line. Dentists should consider key performance indicators to help assess the condition of their practice. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are […]

Points To Consider When Choosing a Dental Billing Company

Dental Billing Company

Hiring a dental billing company is a big step. Choosing a dental billing company is very beneficial to healthcare providers. Hundreds of companies offer dental billing services all over the world. Because there is so much competition, it can be difficult for healthcare professionals to select the best billing company. To start your search for […]

7 Metrics To Improve Dental Billing Strategies & ROI

dental billing strategies

Are you a dentist who is struggling to increase his/her ROI? We know how difficult it is to provide quality dental care to patients while also looking to increase your revenue. Dental billing strategies primarily determine the financial performance of a dental practice. The more effectively you interact with insurance companies, the faster your reimbursements […]

Common Dental Billing Errors And Their Prevention

Common Dental billing errors and their preventions

If you accept dental insurance, you must submit dental claims as part of the procedure. It is aggravating when a claim is denied due to a simple error. That not only takes time but also costs money for your practice. Billing errors affect your bottom line and cause frustration for your customers if they are […]

Tips For Preventing Dental Patient Cancellations

Tips For Preventing Dental Patient Cancellations

It’s simple to say, “no big deal, things happen,” when a dental patient cancels their appointment. And it’s truly the case, and you didn’t force anyone to attend their dental appointment. When a patient does not show up for their appointment, your practice suffers a revenue loss, especially if cancellations are often. It’s not an […]

How To Ensure Successful Dental Insurance Billing?

Strategies for successful dental insurance billing

The cornerstone of any health sector is its efficiency. A medical practice requires adequate financial resources to achieve not only the delivery of healthcare services to patients but also the payment of healthcare practitioners and support staff. The billing process of a dental practice cannot be overstated. One of the essential operations in a dental […]